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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown. It could easily be an element of non-Indo-European substrate vocabulary via employment of foreign workers, though per de Vaan it could have been borrowed through Germanic (compare *pakkô) or Celtic.



baiulus m (genitive baiulī); second declension

  1. a carrier: a porter
  2. one who carries an activity out or on, particularly:
    1. a manager: a steward or (Medieval) bailiff
    2. an administrator


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative baiulus baiulī
Genitive baiulī baiulōrum
Dative baiulō baiulīs
Accusative baiulum baiulōs
Ablative baiulō baiulīs
Vocative baiule baiulī

Derived terms[edit]



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