bajo sexto

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bajo sexto (plural bajo sextos)

  1. (music) A stringed instrument of Mexican origin, with twelve thick strings in six double-courses, with a short neck and a deep soundboard; a type of acoustic bass guitar.
    • 2023 June 2, Jon Pareles, Giovanni Russonello, Lindsay Zoladz, “A Lost (and Found) John Coltrane Recording, and 9 More New Songs”, in The New York Times[1]:
      He sings about being spurned, drunk, rebounding and flaunting his blingy Patek Phillipe watch as Bizarrap quantizes regional Mexican acoustic sounds — the syncopated chords and trombone of a brass band, the slapping bass lines of a bajo sexto, solos on high-strung Mexican guitars — into a computerized track.

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bajo sexto m (plural bajos sextos)

  1. (music) bajo sexto