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A ballpark.


ballpark (plural ballparks)

  1. (US) A field, stadium or park where ball, especially baseball, is played.
  2. (US, figuratively) The general vicinity; somewhere close; a broad approximation.
    Let’s get in the ballpark, then worry about the fine details.
    • 1990, Paul Simon, “The Obvious Child”, The Rhythm of the Saints, Warner Bros.,
      Some people say a lie is just a lie / But I say the cross is in the ballpark / Why deny the obvious, child?

Derived terms[edit]



ballpark (not comparable)

  1. Approximate; close; on the right order of magnitude.
    • 1986, Darrell J. Steffensmeier, The Fence: In the Shadow of Two Worlds[1], ISBN 978-0847674954, page 104:
      These are ballpark prices: you could give or take a little either way.

Derived terms[edit]



ballpark (third-person singular simple present ballparks, present participle ballparking, simple past and past participle ballparked)

  1. To make a rough estimate of.
    If you don’t have the exact expense total, just ballpark it.