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balmorality (countable and uncountable, plural balmoralities)

  1. Alternative form of Balmorality
    • 1869, Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Punch - Volumes 56-57, page iii:
      Would I injure your admirable balmorality, my dear friend ?
    • 1963, Blackwood's Magazine - Volume 293, page 228:
      Modesty forbade Fanny to describe her fellow-passengers' travelling costumes, for they were all gentlemen; but she recommended her own and little Ada's outfits to the ladies: a balmoral skirt (' balmorality' raged in the New World as well as in the Old); as many calico dresses as possible (but you had to remove the hoops, she warned, for crinolines with stiffeners in them would hardly permit a lady to get through the door of a western stage-coach, much less sit at ease in it for eight hours at a stretch); waterproof cloaks ; huge sunbonnets, with voluminous green veils ; buckskin gloves and stout, calf-length boots.
    • 2000, Gordon McCoy, Maolcholaim Scott, Gaelic Identities, →ISBN, page 34:
      Most recently, Ronald 1 Black refers to Highlanders' experience of 'a ghastly 200 year cycle of Macphcrson's Ossian, Calvinism, landlordism, emigration, clearance, famine, cannon-fodder, balmorality, land struggle, educational deracination and population drift' (1998:3).