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Alternative forms[edit]


From French banalisation, from Middle French ; as if banalise +‎ -ation.


banalisation ‎(plural banalisations)

  1. The action of making something banal; trivialization.
    • 1983, Christine Brooke-Rose, A Rhetoric of the Unreal, page 9:
      This displacement also partly explains the banalisation of the scientific 'marvellous': since the excitement of the moon landing, nobody cares much about Russians circling the earth for six months or a Pioneer photographing Saturn.
    • 2008, S.C. Bhatia, Retail Management, page 242:
      Forcing smaller suppliers out of the category adds to the banalisation of retailing, resulting in the multiple retailers and major suppliers managing a category for their own purposes...
    • 2015, Ewa Mazierska, ‎Georgina Gregory, Relocating Popular Music, page 99:
      The banalisation of the nation entailed the banalisation of the rock music itself, which was further accentuated with additions of songs performed by pop musicians from the pre-rock era as well as children's pop songs.




From banaliser +‎ -ation


banalisation f ‎(plural banalisations)

  1. trivialization

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