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banter +‎ -s (diminutive suffix)


bants (uncountable)

  1. (Britain, slang) banter
    • 2012 September 22, Complete Ledge, “TV OD with Complete Ledge: Doomsday Preppers”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Top bants, says Twitter's master 'Target Smasher'
    • 2013 September 1, Rebecca Armstrong, “Office noise: put up or shut up”, in The Independent[2]:
      In my office, bants come thick and fast, but when other departments blare out video clips, I can’t help thinking wistfully of a headphones-only zone.
    • 2014 March 15, Thinking Drinkers, “A beginners guide to Irish whiskey”, in The Daily Telegraph[3]:
      It’s St Patrick’s day on Monday so, hey you guys, like, put on a green wig and drink some Guinness, yeah? Yeah. Top bants, you guys.