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base +‎ -less


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈbeɪsləs/
  • (file)


baseless (not comparable)

  1. Of reasoning: based on something that is not true, or not based on solid reasons or facts.
    baseless accusations; baseless rumors
    • 2016 January 31, “Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon or Her Next Big Problem?”, in Vanity Fair, retrieved 21 January 2016:
      But Rodríguez says, “Neither the law nor the facts support Senator Grassley’s baseless allegations and extrapolated conclusions.
    • 2020 November 18, “Network News: DfT dismisses Berkeley's HS2 claims”, in Rail, page 24:
      Speaking to RAIL, a DfT spokesman said: "We do not recognise these baseless, false figures. Just last month we provided an update to Parliament on the costs of the project and confirmed that it would be delivered within the funding envelope. [...]."
  2. Without a physical base.
    • 2009, Penelope Curtis, On the meanings of sculpture in painting, volume 1, page 18:
      More significant still — and most obviously in debt to the painterly imagination — this floating statue is the first baseless statue ever made. It is as though Bernini had taken Michelangelo's 'Pieta' and made it fly.


Derived terms[edit]