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Alternative forms[edit]


From French bastonnade


bastinade (plural bastinades)

  1. A blow with a stick or cudgel.
  2. A sound beating with a stick or cudgel, specifically: A form of punishment among the Turks, Chinese, and others, consisting in beating an offender on the soles of his feet.
    • 1775, Frank Moore, Diary of the American Revolution:
      Rudely forced to drink tea, Massachusetts in anger
      Spills the tea on John Bull—John falls on to bang her;
      Massachusetts, enraged, calls her neighbors to aid
      And give Master John a severe bastinade.
      Now, good men of the law, pray who is in fault,
      The one who begins or resists the assault?


bastinade (third-person singular simple present bastinades, present participle bastinading, simple past and past participle bastinaded)

  1. To beat in this manner.