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bathroom +‎ -y


bathroomy (comparative more bathroomy, superlative most bathroomy)

  1. Resembling or reminiscent of a bathroom.
    • 1973, Council of Industrial Design, Design (issues 295-300, page 156)
      The serving area is a glass, chrome and white tile combination, practical but bathroomy.
    • 1975, Stephen Goldin, Herds, page 25:
      There seemed to be a queer odor in the air, a sickly, bathroomy odor.
    • 2010, Luca Turin, Tania Sanchez, Perfumes: The A-Z Guide (page 69)
      The idea was girls in quantity, a sort of harem steam bath spruced up to seventies health-and-safety standards. Hence the double name, the groups of indistinguishable pretty, pale blondes in the photos, the bathroomy porcelain bottle.