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battaile (plural battailes)

  1. (obsolete spelling of, battle)
    • 1616, Alexander Roberts, A Treatise of Witchcraft:
      Thus Ahab seduced by his false prophets descendeth into the battaile, and is slaine (contemning the words of Michaiah) in[m] whose mouthes the diuell was a lying spirit, who sent of the Lord, perswaded him and preuailed, 1.
    • 1592, Philippe de Mornay, A Discourse of Life and Death:
      Against his foes in battaile shewing force, And after fight in victorie remorse.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Book I, 1921 ed. edition:
      XL Therewith they gan to hurtlen greedily, Redoubted battaile ready to darrayne, And clash their shields, and shake their swords on hy, That with their sturre they troubled all the traine; 355 Till that great Queene upon eternall paine Of high displeasure that ensewen might, Commaunded them their fury to refraine, And if that either to that shield had right, In equall lists they should the morrow next it fight. 360 XLI Ah dearest Dame, (quoth then the Paynim bold,) Pardon the error of enraged wight, Whom great griefe made forget the raines to hold Of reasons rule, to see this recreant knight, No knight, but treachour full of false despight 365 And shamefull treason, who through guile hath slayn The prowest knight that ever field did fight, Even stout Sansfoy (O who can then refrayn?)
    • 1600, Edward Fairfax, The Jerusalem Delivered of Tasso, Book 10, xii
      Withouten battaile, fight, or stroke at all, / Ev'n at noon day I will you safely guide.