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battle +‎ wagon


battlewagon (plural battlewagons)

  1. A heavily armed combat vehicle, as a war chariot or battleship.
    • 2000, Edward P. Stafford, Little Ship, Big War: The Saga of DE343, page 281:
      It made no difference that the battlewagon had been commissioned in 1921 and the DE in 1944, or that the battleship's skipper was a regular captain
    • 2006, Nic Fields; Brian Delf, Bronze Age War Chariots, page 11:
      A four-wheeled battlewagon recovered from an Early Dynastic IIIA tomb in Kish has axles 90 cm long
    • 2007 January 2, Jeffrey Gettleman, “After 15 Years, Someone’s in Charge in Somalia, if Barely”, in New York Times[1]:
      “Individuals or groups of people who have trucks mounted with antiaircraft guns, known as ‘technicals,’ should bring those battlewagons to Mogadishu’s old port,” he said.

Alternative forms[edit]