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Blend of beard +‎ dandruff.


beardruff (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Scaly dry dead skin in the human beard.
    • 1971, Marvin Grosswith, The Art of Growing a Beard, Dover (2014), →ISBN, page 109:
      In all likelihood, if you have "beardruff" (a word I invented for convenience's sake), you probably also have dandruff and have by now discovered a shampoo or some other product which controls it. That product will also control beardruff in most cases.
    • 2014, Ian Pickering, "Growing the best beard you can," Billings Gazette, 15 November 2014:
      This can give you tons of issues with dry skin, itchiness, and the infamous “beardruff”.
    • 2014, Gareth May, "Grooming tips from the man with the world’s best beard," The Telegraph, 27 November 2014:
      Beardruff’ is a real thing, often more apparent in the first few months of beard growth. Everyone’s skin varies. It takes time for the natural oils of your face to adjust to the new environment.
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