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From be- (about, around) +‎ drift.


bedrift (third-person singular simple present bedrifts, present participle bedrifting, simple past and past participle bedrifted)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To drift about; drift around.
    • 1909, Thomas Carlyle, Hilaire Belloc, The French revolution: a history:
      The disowned of all parties, the rejected and foolishly bedrifted hither and thither, to what corner of Nature can he now drift with advantage?
    • 1918, Katharine Lee Bates, The retinue, and other poems:
      Yet to him a new Madonna For the baby-boy who nestled On her bosom, all bedrifted With her yellow hair, [...]
    • 2011, Anonymous, William Morris, Eirkr Magnusson, The Eyrbyggja Saga and The Story of the Heath-Slayings:
      [...] That season were singing aloud round my shield. When the hollow-wrought sun-disc that Frodis' arm holdeth With blood was bedrifted before the ring's lord, [...]

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