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Name brand and generic Australian packaged beer nuts
Generic Australian beer nuts


Possibly from the US trademark Beer Nuts. The US brand is not sold in Australia.


beer nut (plural beer nuts)

  1. (Australia) A peanut served with its husk (but not its shell).
    • 1984, Steve Katz, Mongolian Whiskey, Stolen Stories, page 37,
      Stanley crumbled the husk of a beer nut between his thumb and middle finger.
    • 2006, Robin McGraw, Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose[1], page 28:
      For instance, there's Phillip's opinion of chocolate: to him, it's just another snack—like beer nuts or a piece of fruit.
    • 2008, Tim Schenck, What Size are God's Shoes?: Kids, Chaos, and the Spiritual Life[2], page 37:
      At the end of the party, the parents of the birthday boy handed me a party bag and my prize: a bag of beer nuts. I've since wondered what kind of parent would possibly give an eight-year-old beer nuts, but whatever. It was the seventies.