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Alternative forms[edit]


From be- +‎ ghast. Cognate with German begeistern (to inspire, excite, thrill).


beghast (third-person singular simple present beghasts, present participle beghasting, simple past and past participle beghasted)

  1. (transitive) To fill with shock, awe, wonder, or amazement; inspire; enthuse.
    • 1844, Thomas Hood, Hood's magazine and comic miscellany: Volume 1:
      [...] And all, but my own heart-wound I Beside me, (as I sat alone, Beghasted with wild dreams), [...]
    • 1904, Julius M. Parker, God Never Spoke:
      […] the beast of the earth after his kind, every thing that creepeth after his kind, and, as it were, the dod-begasted lie after his kind.
    • 1942, Phil Stong, The iron mountain:
      "Oh, but Fräulein! You beghast me! Such an honor!"

Related terms[edit]