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Alternative forms[edit]


Past participle of the rarer verb belämmern or belemmern (to annoy", "to molest), from Middle Low German belemmeren. The verb pertains to lahm (lame) and is cognate with Dutch belemmeren (to hamper). The semantic development of the adjective in German is, at least in part, due to association with Lamm (“lamb”, plural Lämmer), a supposedly naïve or stupid animal. Hence also the spelling with -ä-.


  • IPA(key): /bəˈlɛmɐt/
  • (file)


belämmert (comparative belämmerter, superlative am belämmertsten)

  1. perplexed; in a sudden state of confusion (e.g. through a lack of concentration, or shock)
    Könnten Sie das bitte noch mal wiederholen? Ich war gerade etwas belämmert.
    Could you please repeat that once more? I had lost my concentration for a second.
    Nach dem Abpfiff war ich völlig belämmert. Ich erinnere mich kaum an die Siegerehrung.
    When the match was over, I was completely perplexed. I hardly remember the award ceremony.
  2. intimidated, discouraged, disheartened
    Nach seiner Entlassung kam er ziemlich belämmert nach Hause.
    After his dismissal he came home quite disheartened.
  3. (colloquial) stupid, silly, crazy (interchangeable with behämmert)
    Bist du total belämmert?! Was machst du da?!
    Are you completely out of your mind?! What are you doing?!




  1. third-person singular present of belämmern
  2. second-person plural present of belämmern
  3. second-person plural imperative of belämmern
  4. past participle of belämmern