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  1. simple past tense and past participle of belt


belted (not comparable)

  1. (of a garment) Fitted with a belt.
    • 1952, “The Way Things Are,” Time, 7 April, 1952, [1]
      Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt S. Vandenberg explained to a House Appropriations subcommittee why the Air Force prefers suspenders: “A battle jacket with belted trousers is an unsightly appearing garment. Every time you lean over your shirt sticks out in back...”
    • 2004, Alan Hollinghurst, chapter 6, in The Line of Beauty, New York: Bloomsbury, →OCLC:
      She was a doctor's receptionist, and wore a blouse and skirt under her belted mac.
  2. Wearing a belt.
    • 1875, Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Grandmother’s Story of Bunker Hill Battle (As She Saw It from the Belfry),” [2]
      How the bayonets gleamed and glistened, as we looked far down, and listened
      To the trampling and the drum-beat of the belted grenadiers!
  3. (of animals etc.) Characterized by a white band around the body.
    Belted Dutch cattle
    Belted Galloway
    the belted kingfisher

Derived terms[edit]