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From bend +‎ -y.



bendy (comparative bendier, superlative bendiest)

  1. Having the ability to be bent easily.
    Bendy rulers are far more fun than the wooden ones.
  2. (informal) Of a person, flexible; having the ability to bend easily.
    • 2010 September 1, Jackie K. Cooper, “Ashley Bell: The Last Exorcism Introduces the "Bendy" Girl”, in Huffington Post[1], retrieved 2013-05-09:
      When I was in the scene in the barn he encouraged me to do as many contortions as I could, and he seemed to like the fact I was so 'bendy.' … After all how many young actresses in Hollywood are "bendy"?
  3. Containing many bends and twists.
    a bendy road
  4. Of a vehicle, articulated.
    • 2009 January 31, Deal Book, “Defining Good or Bad Design”, in NYT[2], retrieved 2013-05-09:
      “The bendy bus is very easy to get on to and can carry twice as many passengers and more people can sit down,” Ms. Cottam said.
  5. (heraldry) Divided into diagonal bands of colour


Derived terms[edit]



bendy (plural bendies)

  1. (heraldry) A field divided diagonally into several bends, varying in metal and colour.


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