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From be- (at, on, upon) +‎ shame.


beshame (third-person singular simple present beshames, present participle beshaming, simple past and past participle beshamed)

  1. (archaic, transitive) To shame; put to shame.
    • 1832, The Philological Museum
      Controversy is the element of the learned person who has undertaken to beshame and chastise me: []
    • 1902, John George Gibson, Watching for the daybreak! 31 sermons:
      But His approval was a conventional outrage! What can be less in accord with the customs of society than to criticize and beshame one's host, especially if we judge him out of his own mouth?
    • 2010, David Ben Moshe, The Secret of the Jews: Letters to Nietzsche:
      [] a leading historian of the period, wrote, "Although they assimilated with those nations completely, they will find no peace among them; for the nations will always revile and beshame them, plot against them and falsely accuse them in matters []