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From Middle English beswiken, from Old English beswīcan (to deceive, seduce, entice), from Proto-Germanic *bi- (be-), *swīkaną (to dodge, swerve, avoid), from Proto-Indo-European *sweig-, *swAig- (to turn, move around, wander, swing), equivalent to be- +‎ swike (to deceive). Cognate with Scots beswik, beswick (to beguile, deceive), Dutch bezwijken (to succumb), Old High German biswīhhan (to deceive, seduce, capture), Icelandic svikja (to betray).


beswike (third-person singular simple present beswikes, present participle beswiking, simple past beswoke, past participle beswicken)

  1. (transitive, UK dialectal) To lure; allure; cheat; deceive.