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From Middle English biten, biteon, from Old English betēon (to cover, surround, enclose, dispose of, bestow, bequeath, impeach, accuse), equivalent to be- +‎ tee. Cognate with German beziehen (to obtain, cover, receive, draw), Gothic 𐌱𐌹𐍄𐌹𐌿𐌷𐌰𐌽 (bitiuhan, to bestow, draw over, betray).



betee (third-person singular simple present betees, present participle beteeing, simple past beteed or betow, past participle beteed or betown)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To draw over (as a covering); cover; veil.
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To pull or tug at.
  3. (transitive, obsolete) To employ; spend; bestow (time, pains, etc.)
  4. (transitive, obsolete) To bring about; manage; arrange.