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be- +‎ tentacled


betentacled (not comparable)

  1. Adorned with tentacles.
    • 1997 April 16, Ben Ostrowsky, “Re: How Would Telepathy Work? (was: Black and Blue)”, in[1] (Usenet):
      What was that story about a human ambassador who went into space to learn the language of a huge betentacled alien, and finally learned it but gained tentacles in the bargain?
    • 1998, Jerry Oltion, Where Sea Meets Sky[2], →ISBN, page 208:
      With a few bold strokes of the pen he had rendered a titan with its streamlined body, immense mouth in front, and betentacled fins at the rear.
    • 2009 April 8, Helen Brown, “Billy Ocean interview”, in The Telegraph[3]:
      With a tangle of wild, grey dreadlocks splashing out across his face as he bounces and sways like a man at sea, Billy Ocean does look an awful lot like the betentacled character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.