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bevel gear (plural bevel gears)

  1. (mechanical engineering) A kind of gear in which the two wheels working together lie in different planes and have their teeth cut at right angles to the surfaces of two cones whose apices coincide with the point where the axes of the wheels would meet.
    • 1962 June, “Beyond the Channel: U.S.S.R.: A 3,000 h.p. diesel-hydraulic from MaK”, in Modern Railways, page 416:
      Each axle has its own final drive two-step reduction, a bevel gear set and a spur gear set which drives the axle. Of these, the spur gears take most of the stress and the bevel gears provide optimum reduction at high speed and low torque—an arrangement which makes for easier assembly and reduced load for the bevel gears.
Bevel gear


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