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From bewing +‎ -ed.


bewinged (not comparable)

  1. Having, or equipped with wings
    • 1850, Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works[1]:
      An angel throng, bewinged, bedight In veils, and drowned in tears, Sit in a theatre, to see A play of hopes and fears, While the orchestra breathes fitfully The music of the spheres.
    • 2004, Autocar - Page 80:
      As I edge up towards the vehicle in front, I can see it quite clearly - the red, bewinged nose cone of a Formula One car reflected in the rear end of the car I am following.
    • 2008, Jean Elizabeth Ward, Winter Meditations - Page 102:
      Bewinged enchanted spirits— Safely guard these waters That flow hard.
    • 2011, Karen Robards, Walking After Midnight - Page 132:
      Low and black and bewinged, it gave new meaning to her mental image of something that moved like a bat out of hell.
    • 2012, Peter Mills, Media and Popular Music - Page 151:
      There are shots of Wymondham Abbey, the rich green of the churchyard, and stained glass windows showing bewinged and halo—ed angels engaged in silent, motionless musical pursuit: lute, violin and horn; cymbal, trumpet, tambourine and triangle.