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Alternative forms[edit]


bi- +‎ carbonate


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bicarbonate ‎(plural bicarbonates)

  1. (chemistry) the univalent anion HCO3; any salt of carbonic acid in which only one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced. [from 1814]
    • 1814, William Hyde Wollaston, “A synoptic scale of chemical equivalents”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, volume 104, page 11: 
      The next question that occurs relates to the composition of this crystallized carbonate of potash, which I am induced to call bi-carbonate of potash, for the purpose of marking more decidedly the distinction between this salt and that which is commonly called a subcarbonate, and in order to refer at once to the double dose of carbonic acid contained in it.
  2. sodium bicarbonate used as a mild antacid; bicarbonate of soda


Derived terms[edit]



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bicarbonate m ‎(plural bicarbonates)

  1. (Jersey, chemistry) bicarbonate
  2. (Jersey) sodium bicarbonate