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short bigeye (Pristigenys alta, family Priacanthidae)

Alternative forms[edit]


big +‎ eye.


bigeye (plural bigeyes)

  1. Any fish in the taxonomic family Priacanthidae, which have large eyes.
  2. Any of certain fish or shark species identified by their large eyes, in particular bigeye tuna, Thunnus obesus.
    • 2001, Jules Verne, F. P. Walter (translator), 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas,
      There were Port Jackson sharks with a brown back, a whitish belly, and eleven rows of teeth, bigeye sharks with necks marked by a large black spot encircled in white and resembling an eye, and Isabella sharks whose rounded snouts were strewn with dark speckles.
    • 1986, Robin Mahon, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Report and proceedings of the Expert Consultation on Shared Fishery Resources of the Lesser Antilles Region,
      The relatively large eyes may enable the bigeye to feed at lower light intensity than other tunas.
    • 2007, William H. Bayliff, Jacek Majkowski (editors), Methodological Workshop on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity,
      The percentages of bigeye in the catches were relatively high during the early to mid 1950s, but then levelled off at less than 5 percent of the total catches.