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bio- +‎ sensor


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biosensor (plural biosensors)

  1. (biochemistry) Any device that detects, records or transmits physiological data, especially data concerning the presence of chemical compounds (analytes)
    • 2005, Cecil Leeburn Wilson et al., chapter 5, in Comprehensive analytical chemistry, ISBN 0444507159, page 216:
      Since the early 1980s, considerable research effort has been devoted to the development of fiber optic (FO) biosensors because of their potential sensitivity, detection speed, and adaptability to a wide variety of assay conditions.
  2. (biochemistry) A device that uses biological material (e.g. microorganisms, oligonucleotides, enzymes, antibodies) to detect other biological molecules or chemicals.
    • 2005, José-Luis Barredo, chapter 2, in Microbial enzymes and biotransformations, ISBN 1592598463, page 29:
      Today's biosensor market is dominated by glucose biosensors, mass-produced enzyme-electrodes for the rapid self-diagnosis of blood glucose levels by diabetes sufferers.