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bio- +‎ social


biosocial (comparative more biosocial, superlative most biosocial)

  1. (biology, sociology) Of or pertaining to both biological and social features.
    • 1974, Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., chapter 12, in The Myth of Mental Illness[1], ISBN 0-06-091151-4, page 199:
      The social situation in which a person lives constitutes the
      team on which he plays and is, therefore, important in deter-
      mining who he is and how he acts. Man's so-called instinctual
      needs are actually shaped—and this may include inhibiting,
      fostering, or even creating "needs"—by the social games
      prevalent in his milieu. The view of a dual, biosocial determi-
      nation of behavior has become incorporated into psychoana-
      lytic theory through increasing emphasis on ego psychology
      and object relationships. Useful as these modifications of
      classical psychoanalytic theory have been, explanations in
      terms of ego functions are not as satisfactory for either theory
      or therapy as those couched in terms of rules, roles, and games.