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birthday +‎ -less


birthdayless (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Without a birthday, or with no celebration on that day.
    • 1906, Grace Alexander, Judith
      Correct methods of encouraging retiring suitors or of repelling unwelcome ones was information that its members could scarcely be supposed at their birthdayless ages to require.
    • 1907, Florence Wilkinson, The silent door
      She deserved additional glory in return for the many years when she had gone birthdayless and little girls like Enid and Geraldine had taunted her airily.
    • 1976, Louisiana State University, Mathematics magazine
      It turns out to be easier to focus on the birthdayless days.
    • 2002, Sue Welford, Nicholas Fisk, The Shadow of August
      She'd nearly had enough. She was ready to go home, forget all about it. Be the birthdayless, motherless Mattie Browne for the rest of her life.