black belt

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Etymology 1[edit]

Calque of Japanese 黒帯 (kuroobi)


black belt (plural black belts)

  1. (martial arts) The highest belt colour in various martial arts.
    Synonym: dan
  2. (martial arts) Someone who has attained the black belt in martial arts.
    Synonym: dan
    Raymond is a black belt in karate.
  3. (figuratively, colloquial) Great skill in any field.
  4. (management) A senior manager who is expert in one of various management systems such as Six Sigma or DMAIC and acts in a project leader or mentor role.
    • 2011, Bob Paladino, Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management, →ISBN:
      I had the good fortune of being engaged to participate as a trainer to GE Capital Corporation, where we helped to launch their now well-known and highly regarded black belt program.


Etymology 2[edit]

black +‎ belt


black belt (plural black belts)

  1. (US, southern) A geographic region where the residents are predominantly or exclusively African-American.
    • 1992, Hanes Walton, The Native Son Presidential Candidate: The Carter Vote in Georgia, →ISBN, page 5:
      Bernard Cosman found that in Georgia, it was the black belt whites who gave Goldwater his largest percentage of the vote.