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Wooden bleachers [2]


bleach +‎ -er


bleacher ‎(plural bleachers)

  1. One who, or that which, bleaches.
  2. (US, chiefly in the plural) A stand of tiered planks used as seating for spectators.
    • 1999, Jim Puhalla, Jeff Krans, Mike Goatley, Sports Fields: A Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance - Page 371:
      Warnings such as "watch your step" can be provided when there is a small step off a bleacher to the pavement or ground level.
    • 2004, Josh Pahigian, Kevin O'Connell, The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip:
      We prefer bleacher seats to Grandstand Sections 1-9 . And in truth, quite a few bleacher seats offer a better view of the action than the Right Field Boxes do. Bleacher seats are made of comfortable plastic, [...]