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Wooden bleachers [2]


From Middle English blechere, equivalent to bleach +‎ -er. Compare Dutch bleker, Swedish blekare.



bleacher (plural bleachers)

  1. One who, or that which, bleaches.
  2. (US, usually in the plural) A stand of tiered planks used as seating for spectators, often outdoors.
    Synonyms: stand, terrace
    There could be a rough crowd out in the bleachers.
    • 1999, Jim Puhalla, Jeff Krans, Mike Goatley, Sports Fields: A Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance - Page 371:
      Warnings such as "watch your step" can be provided when there is a small step off a bleacher to the pavement or ground level.
    • 2004, Josh Pahigian, Kevin O'Connell, The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip:
      We prefer bleacher seats to Grandstand Sections 1-9. And in truth, quite a few bleacher seats offer a better view of the action than the Right Field Boxes do. Bleacher seats are made of comfortable plastic, []
  3. (US, television, usually in the plural, by extension) The tiered seating provided for the audience at a television filming.
    • 2010, Jeremy G. Butler, Television Style
      In practice, audience members often have badly obstructed views of the sets—whether due to obstructive camera dollies and production personnel or viewers sitting in the bleachers off to the side of the set that is currently being used.


  • Note: Some of these translations are in the plural.