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From Middle English blesshen, bleschen, blessen, blissen, probably from Middle Dutch blesschen, blusschen, blisscen ‎(to quench, extinguish), from be- + lusschen, lesschen ‎(to quiet, extinguish), from Old Dutch *leskan, *lesken, from Proto-Germanic *laskijaną ‎(to extinguish) and *leskaną ‎(to lapse, extinguish), from Proto-Indo-European *legʰ- ‎(to lay down, lie). Cognate with Dutch blussen ‎(to quench, extinguish), Low German bluschen ‎(to quench, extinguish). Related also to Dutch lessen ‎(to quench), German löschen ‎(to go out, extinguish, wipe out, clear, delete), English lie and lay.


blesh ‎(third-person singular simple present bleshes, present participle bleshing, simple past and past participle bleshed)

  1. (transitive) To quench; extinguish; put out (a fire, flame, etc.).