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From Middle English blesshen, bleschen, blessen, blissen, probably from Middle Dutch blesschen, blusschen, blisscen (to quench, extinguish), from be- + lusschen, lesschen (to quiet, extinguish), from Old Dutch *leskan, *lesken, from Proto-Germanic *laskijaną (to extinguish) and *leskaną (to lapse, extinguish), from Proto-Indo-European *legʰ- (to lay down, lie). Cognate with Dutch blussen (to quench, extinguish), Low German bluschen (to quench, extinguish). Related also to Dutch lessen (to quench), German löschen (to go out, extinguish, wipe out, clear, delete), English lie and lay.


blesh (third-person singular simple present bleshes, present participle bleshing, simple past and past participle bleshed)

  1. (transitive) To quench; extinguish; put out (a fire, flame, etc.).