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From Middle English blocker, blokker, bloker, blokkere, equivalent to block +‎ -er.



blocker (plural blockers)

  1. Agent noun of block; something that blocks something else.
    1. (card games) A playing card, needed by one player, that is held by another.
    2. (poker) A blocker bet.
    3. A close-fitting rectangular glove worn by a goalie in multiple forms of hockey.
    4. (sports) One who blocks or impedes the movement of an opponent.
    5. (computing) One who prevents another user from contacting them electronically.
      • 2013, Elizabeth Laugeson, The Science of Making Friends
        Likewise, any connections shared between your child (the blocker) and the user being blocked will also be broken.
    6. (marketing) A gatekeeper who refuses the marketer access to the person they wish to contact.
      • 1992, Joan Guiducci, Joan Guiducci's power calling (page 49)
        Sometimes your sales progress skids to a halt. We've all met more blockers than we'd care to. Some are assigned by the company to filter services []
    7. A person who blocks hats.
      • 2019, John B. Simon, Strangers in a Stranger Land (page 218)
        Because in 1937 Benjamin is still an apprentice, he remains bound to the Eastern Finland Hat Factory. [] Benjamin now does much of the same work as the master cutters and blockers and enjoys their grudging approval of his skills.

Derived terms[edit]