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  1. to block (physically), to barricade, to obstruct
    Un arbre bloque le passage.
    A tree is blocking [off] the passage.
  2. to jam, to wedge, to fix in place
  3. to freeze (e.g. prices)
    Les agriculteurs souhaitent bloquer le prix de leur blé.
    The farmers are wishing to block the price of their wheat.
  4. to defeat
    Ils doivent bloquer ses adversaires.
    They must defeat their opponents.
  5. to block, to impede, to hinder
    L’adrénaline peut ralentir ou bloquer le travail.
    Adrenaline can slow down or impede work.
  6. (reflexive, of a computer program) To freeze, to lock up
  7. (reflexive) To become jammed
  8. (reflexive) To retreat


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