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boosies pl (plural only)

  1. (informal, childish) A woman's breasts.
    • 1954, Oren Arnold, The golden chair, page 89:
      I swallowed hard, and I felt my ears beginning to burn. You know why? It was because of her boosies.
    • 1999, Sheila Kohler, Cracks, page 92:
      Di wanted to weep because Miss G had never even touched her boosies. Then Fiamma pushed Miss G away from her, roughly.
    • 2001, Penelope Todd, Peri, page 65:
      Peri's face was pink from the beach and she had a blue shirt so you could see the tops of her boosies and Mum said, 'Just one more button, Peri,' so she pulled the edges together but she didn't do up the button.