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boot out (third-person singular simple present boots out, present participle booting out, simple past and past participle booted out)

  1. (transitive, colloquial) Emphatic synonym of kick out: to remove, to eject, to expel.
    • 1991, Stephen Fry, The Liar, p. 27:
      ‘These guys,’ said Tom, ‘The ones who put out this magazine at Radley. What happened to them?’ ...
      ‘Ah, now, this is why we must proceed with great circumspection. They were both, hum, “put out” themselves. “Booted out” I believe is the technical phrase.’
  2. (intransitive, skiing, skating) To fall or slide out of a turn due to excessive lean, which causes the athlete's boot to contact and pivot on the surface and the proper surface contact element to lose contact and traction.