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borate +‎ -ed


borated (not comparable)

  1. Having been treated with borate
    • 1898, “Selected Formulae”, in Scientific American Supplement, No. 1178, June 25, 1898[1]:
      An advantage of this borated oil is that it always retains a slight stickiness, and so gives a good joint when wrapped around wires, etc.
    • 1929, William J. Robinson, Woman[2]:
      [] little need be done for them except to wash them with a little boric acid solution (one teaspoonful of boric acid to a glass of water) occasionally, and now and then to rub in a little petrolatum, plain or borated.
    • 2017 December 15, (Please provide the book title or journal name)[3], volume 290, number 5499, DOI:10.1126/science.290.5499.2117, pages 2117-2119:
      In the deuterium experiment, the hydrogen target was replaced with deuterium, and borated polyethylene shielding was installed around the target [] .