bottle shop

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bottle shop (plural bottle shops)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) A liquor store.
    • 1998, Sherry Saggers, Dennis Gray, Dealing with Alcohol: Indigenous Usage in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, page 108,
      The former were catered for both by liquor stores and, to a lesser extent, by the bottle shops of hotels.
    • 2003, Andrew Griffiths, 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers: How to Keep Your Customers and Attract New Ones[1], page 85:
      I visited a bottle shop recently to buy some wine and beer for a dinner party.
    • 2007, Laurence Stanway, Awoken by an Angel, unnumbered page,
      I head towards David Jones in the city, which has a bottle shop that is easily robbed of its expensive and unusual spirits.