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bounce back +‎ -ability. Claimed to have been coined by Crystal Palace manager, Iain Dowie.[1]


bouncebackability (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The ability to recover from bad circumstances.
    • 2005, Peter McConnell, Cold-Blooded Killer:
      I think about him everyday, wondering why he gave up, he had so much to live for, he just didn't have that bouncebackability!
    • 2010, Des Dearlove, The Unauthorized Guide to Doing Business the Richard Branson Way, page xiv:
      One of Branson's enduring strengths is his ability to absorb punches, to take the rough with the smooth. He has bouncebackability []
    • circa 2011, Anette Ratz, Skipjack, in Liederbuch & Songbook:
      I'ma skipjack, I'ma roly-poly doll,
      I'ma tumbler, what a funny toy.
      And my best quality is my bouncebackability.


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