boy pussy

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boy pussy (plural boy pussies)

  1. (vulgar, gay slang) The anus of a man, usually the passive participant in gay sex.
    • 2010, Jackman Hill, Forty-Dollar Butt Boy:
      I carried the lube pump with me and set it on the floor next to the bench, so I raised my legs up high, took a few big dollops, and then worked them into my boy pussy, pressing into the well-fucked, well-rimmed passage, which was already sticky from the cum of my last few customers. Then I just lay on the bench, my greased fuck hole open and ready for more.
    • 2009, Mickey Erlach, Pretty Boys and Roughnecks, page 50:
      "Put your legs up for me. That's it bitch, show me that boy pussy," Marco said. "You want this, whore?" he said, rubbing his wildly throbbing cock against the boy's tight hole.
    • 2006, John Patrick, Boys of the Night, page 144:
      "Yeah, I'll eat your little boy pussy. I need to make it nice and wet so I can fuck it long and hard."


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