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braconid (plural braconids)

  1. Any of the parasitic wasps of the family Braconidae.
    • 2009 February 6, Andrew A. Forbes et al., “Sequential Sympatric Speciation Across Trophic Levels”, in Science[1], volume 323, number 5915, DOI:10.1126/science.1166981, pages 776-779:
      Other studies have identified potential examples (7), and, because D. alloeum is just one member of a guild of parasitic braconids attacking R. pomonella, it is possible that sympatric host races of Diachasmimorpha mellea and Utetes canaliculatus wasps are also associated with R. pomonella.
    • 2015 Setember 26, Wasp uses virus to make GM butterfly, New Scientist, Issue 3040, page 14,
      There are now thousands of species of braconid wasp, each of which lays eggs in a specific butterfly or moth species and produces a unique bracovirus.


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