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brand +‎ -o- +‎ -phile


brandophile (plural brandophiles)

  1. A person who is fond of a commercial brand or brands.
    • 2006, Simon Bain, "S&N tells investors about its dream: Some old-timers at odds with trendy new image", The Herald (Scotland), 28 April 2006:
      From glasses gassing with Belgian Grimbergen and French Kronenbourg to bottles brimming with Sagres in Lisbon, Newcastle Brown Ale in New York and Baltika in Belarus, not to mention a warehouse full of Fosters, to which S&N bought full European rights last week, the video party swung on to a final "cheers" from a bar full of youthful brandophiles.
    • 2011, Adam Rayner, "Let some feeling in", Home Cinema Choice, March 2011, page 71:
      I cannot help but feel that these are for brandophiles who know and love Monitor Audio's huge repertoire, especially its top stuff.
    • 2012, L. Romal M. Singh, "When fashion starts out young", Daily News and Analysis, 19 April 2012:
      Though I appreciate the value of brands, I am not really a brandophile and so, unless I am browsing through an Armani or GAP store somewhere abroad and chance upon something I like from their children’s line, the chances of me picking up something branded for them are really slim.