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Jamaican Creole[edit]


From "blood cloth", as in the cloth used for menstrual blood before tampons and sanitary pads became widely used.



  1. (vulgar, slang) An expression of annoyance, disgust, or dismay.

Related terms[edit]


"As in any language, Rastas also have words to express anger that are considered curses. An interesting point to make about the Rasta talk curses are that they are very natural in origin which coincides with the beliefs of the Rastafarian people. The worst possible way to insult a Jamaican is to refer to them as an excretion from the human body. What seems to be the most dominant curse is to refer to someone as a 'Ras clot' 'bongo clot,' or 'bumba clot.' In some contexts, the term 'clot' does mean cloth but, in this context, calling someone one of these words is like saying they came from a blood clot and not an ovum, from their mother's womb."