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Butter + scotch; the scotch does not refer to the particular kind of Scotch or that it was said to come from Scotland, but is instead from Middle English scocchen ‎(to score, nick, cut), in reference to how the candy is boiled and hardened, and usually scored to make breaking it apart easier. The word is usually attributed to being a trademark of Parkinson's, who is claimed to have invented it.


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butterscotch ‎(usually uncountable, plural butterscotches)

  1. A hard candy made from butter, brown sugar, syrup and vanilla.
  2. A sauce or syrup made of similar ingredients.
  3. A light brown colour, like that of butterscotch candy.
    butterscotch colour:    



butterscotch ‎(not comparable)

  1. Of a light brown colour, like that of butterscotch candy.
  2. Having the flavour of butterscotch.

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