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Alternative forms[edit]


caecotroph (plural caecotrophs)

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  1. (biology) In certain mammals, especially rabbits and some rodents, a cake or pellet of food which is produced by means of digestion and expulsion through the anus.
    • 2002, J. Jarvis and P. Sherman, "Heterocephalus glaber Rüppell, 1842: Naked Mole-rat," Mammalian Species, no. 706, p. 5,
      Vocalizations include food recruitment calls, high-pitched contact and aggressive chirps, a mating call, a toilet-assembly call, and vocalizations specific to pups, such as squawks when pups are stepped on and caecotroph-solicitation chirps.
    • 2003, Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake, →ISBN, page 158:
      He finds the caecotrophs revolting, consisting as they do of semi-digested herbage, discharged through the anus and reswallowed two or three times a week.

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