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Borrowed from Italian calzone. Compare chausson.



caleçon m (plural caleçons)

  1. boxer shorts, boxer briefs
    • 1903. Jules Garçon, editor, Encyclopédie Universelle Des Industries Tinctoriales..., Page 199:
      Ce qui me le fit mettre dans les poches de mon caleçon de bain... ("What I did put in the pockets of my swimming shorts?")
    • 1965. François Mauriac, Nouveaux Mémoires, Flammarion, page 905:
      Un caleçon minuscule. ("A tiny [pair of] briefs.")

Usage notes[edit]

  • Caleçons sold in Quebec tend to be more conservatively cut than their equivalent in France or Haiti.

Derived terms[edit]

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