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calling card (plural calling cards)

  1. A small printed card which identifies the bearer, traditionally presented for introduction when making a social visit to a home or when attending a formal social event or business meeting.
    • 1905, Alice Hegan Rice, chapter 7, in Sandy:
      If Mrs. Nelson does come here, you be sure to put on your white apron before you open the door; and for pity sake don't forget the card-tray! You ought to know better than to stick out your hand for a lady's calling-card.
  2. (idiomatic) An attribute, object, or behavior which is distinctly characteristic of someone or something.
  3. (euphemistic) Excrement, especially of a domestic animal.
    • 2005 Jan. 21, Dwight Perry, "Sideline Chatter: Just doo it," Seattle Times (retrieved 26 Sep 2008):
      A guide dog left his calling card on the court at Tuesday night's Magic-Pistons game in Orlando.
  4. A phonecard.
    • 2003 Nov. 22, Michelle Singletary, "Traveler beware: Free things may cost you money" (retrieved 26 Sep 2008):
      Many experts now advise consumers to use a prepaid calling card to save money on long distance calls while staying in a hotel.
  5. A card advertising the services of a prostitute.



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