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From Spanish canastro, canasto (basket).


canaster (uncountable)

  1. (tobacco) Coarse, dried tobacco leaves.
    • 1972, William Bates, George Cruikshank: the artist, the humorist, and the man, with some account of his brother Robert[1], ISBN 9789060331712:
      The frontispiece to the first of these books, engraved on steel with much delicacy by Davenport, is so carefully drawn, and displays such refinement of humour, that it might be ascribed to Wilkie or Smirke; and in Knickerbocker, George could hardly then have become a misocapnist when he limned with such intense gusto the "Pipe-Plot," with its group of smoke-compelling burghers, or the "Death of Walter the Doubter," where his lymphatic Excellency, lungs and pipe exhausted together, exhales his peaceful soul in the last whiff of canaster!



From cān(us) (gray) +‎ -aster



cānaster m (feminine cānastra, neuter cānastrum); first/second declension

  1. grizzled.
  2. half-gray.


First/second declension, nominative masculine singular in -er.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative cānaster cānastra cānastrum cānastrī cānastrae cānastra
genitive cānastrī cānastrae cānastrī cānastrōrum cānastrārum cānastrōrum
dative cānastrō cānastrō cānastrīs
accusative cānastrum cānastram cānastrum cānastrōs cānastrās cānastra
ablative cānastrō cānastrā cānastrō cānastrīs
vocative cānaster cānastra cānastrum cānastrī cānastrae cānastra