car sewer

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car sewer (plural car sewers)

  1. (urban planning, derogatory) A place made unfriendly or dangerous to non-drivers by cars and car infrastructure.
    • 2003 May 1, Alayne McGregor, “[CfSC] New consultant has outmoded ideas”, in flora.cfsc, Usenet[1], message-ID <>:
      The usual reason for making a street one-way is to add capacity -- in other words, to turn it into a car sewer.
    • 2019 July 16, Darin Givens, “Despite widespread support, Atlanta mayor vetoes safety improvement for Downtown ‘car sewer’ street”, in ThreadATL[2]:
      The Downtown Atlanta Master Plan developed by Central Atlanta Progress, which includes significant community engagement and planning data; it promotes the benefits of converting several of these one-way car sewers, Baker Street included.