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car +‎ plane


carplane (plural carplanes)

  1. (science fiction) A vehicle that can drive on land like a car or fly like an aeroplane.
    • 1951, Alfred Elton Van Vogt, The weapon shops of Isher
      Outside Bedrock headed for a carplane stop in a meditative mood.
    • 2002, David M. Newman, Elizabeth Grauerholz, Sociology of families
      Unlike some other fictional portrayals of future family life — which simply place traditional family structures in a high-tech futuristic setting of carplanes, fully automated appliances, interplanetary civilizations, and robot servants []
    • 2009, Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson, Kid's Box 6 Pupil's Book, Volume 6
      The sides of the carplane will open by moving slowly down under the floor of the car. There won't be any maps and we'll never get lost because carplanes will always know where to go.